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Buccal fat removal

Buccal Fat Removal

Why Choose Astrid

  • At Astrid Clinic, buccal fat removal surgery is minimally-invasive, scarless and done comfortably under local anaesthesia.

  • Our skilled patient selection and skilled technique mean downtime is short and patients do not end up with sunken cheeks.

Buccal fat removal

Similar names: Bichectomy, cheek reduction surgery, cheek contouring surgery.

Buccal fat removal, or bichectomy,  slims the cheek contours for patients with full lower cheeks. Also known as cheek reduction surgery, the target area is the cheek just lateral to the corner of the lips, which often bulges when one smiles. Vital structures, like nerves and salivary ducts, traverse the surgical site and selecting a plastic surgeon well-trained in this operation is crucial.

Many considering buccal fat surgery are concerned with sunken cheeks and looking worse after surgery. The right patient selection is critical in avoiding this adverse effect. We only recommend this procedure for patients who will reap the benefits of buccal fat surgery. For instance, instead of removing the buccal fat, a patient with wide jawline may benefit more from jaw reduction or a less invasive masseter procedure.


Buccal Fat Removal Surgery
01-surgical scissors

Procedure Time:
30 mins


Local anaesthesia

Day Surgery

Recovery Time:
2 days


Procedures often done together with buccal fat surgery to enhance the lower face contour and aesthetics:

  • Double Chin Removal
  • Cheek Liposuction
  • Masseter Reduction
  • Jaw Reduction Surgery
  • Chin Augmentation
  • Lip Fillers


  • Stop blood thinning medication as directed by your doctor.
  • Avoid supplements such as fish oils, vitamin E, Ginseng, glucosamine before surgery.
  • Stop smoking to maximise your healing ability.
  • After buccal fat surgery, your cheeks will feel bruised on the first 2 days but it ill not be intensely painful. We suggest softer foods for 3 days.

Our surgeons are experienced in selecting patients suited for buccal fat removal. There are patients who are at risk of sunken cheeks after surgery and it is important that buccal fat surgery is not done for them.

The wounds are inside the mouth, opposite the upper molar teeth, and measures around 1 to 1.5cm.

  • Walk around and avoid lying down to make use of gravity to reduce swelling after surgery.
  • Low salt diet.
  • Take a soft diet to reducing aggravating the surgical site.

The surgery cost for buccal fat removal surgery is S$3600. (excluding cost of consumables and tax)

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