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Why Choose Astrid

  • At Astrid, we understand the delicate anatomy of the external ear.
  • Our plastic surgeons perform otoplasties from the back of the ear, leaving an inconspicuous scar that is well-hidden.


Similar Names: Ear pin back surgery, prominent ear correction, bat ear correction, 耳整形术

Otoplasty is a set of procedures that seeks to improve the form of the ear. The most common otoplasty procedure is the correction of prominent ears, or ear pinback surgery. Otoplasty can also address other ear concerns such as abnormal ear shape and ear asymmetry.

Common ear conditions that otoplasty can correction include: 

  • Prominent ears 
  • Lidding or lop ears 
  • Stahl’s (pixie) ears 
  • Constricted ears 
  • Cup ears 
  • Helical rim irregularity (crumpled ear) 
  • Cauliflower ears 


01-surgical scissors

Procedure Time:
1 – 2 hours



Local anaesthesia/
Light sedation

Day Surgery

Recovery Time:
5 – 7 days


With the advent of infant ear moulding, ear deformations can be treated non-surgically by wearing a splint for a few weeks. The success rate is very high (more than 95%), provided the splint is started within the first few weeks of birth.


  • Stop blood thinning medication as directed by your doctor. 
  • Avoid supplements such as fish oils, vitamin E, Ginseng, glucosamine before surgery. 
  • Stop smoking to maximise your healing ability. 

After otoplasty, your ear will feel bruised but it will not be intensely painful.

  • There will be a dressing over the ear/s and this is often sutured down. This makes it more secure, reduce swelling and less painful because the dressing is more stable. 
  • You may lie on the back of your head and avoid lying on the operated ear/s. 
  • Painkiller and antibiotics will be given after otoplasty. 
  • Walk around and avoid lying down to make use of gravity to reduce swelling after surgery 
  • Cool compress 
  • Low salt diet
  • Stop blood thinners and certain supplements as directed by the doctor before surgery. 
  • Some patients are prone to obvious bruising. Speak to our doctors on starting bruise lasers to help clear your bruises more promptly. 
  • The cost will depend on the technique used, the condition of your ear and the severity of the problem, such as in revision surgery. Please consult our doctor for a more accurate cost advice.  

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