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Why Choose Astrid

  • At Astrid, we are renown for eyelid surgery, making it a signature treatment at our clinic.
  • Our redraping epicanthoplasty technique effectively enhances the inner corner of the eyes with minimal scarring.
  • Fine and delicate approach means less discomfort and downtime.


Similar names: Medical Epicanthoplasty, 开眼角.

Epicanthoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes the inner corners of the eyes. For the Oriental patients, epicanthoplasty is often performed to extend and expand the inner corner (epicanthus), creating wider eyes.

The procedure removes the epicanthal fold, a pleat of skin commonly seen in Oriental eyes, which hoods over the inner eyes. We perform the ‘Redraping’ technique, which effectively eliminates the epicanthic fold with minimal scarring.

Epicanthoplasty is often done with other eyelid surgeries, like upper eyelid surgery and ptosis correction surgery, to further enhance and enlarge the eyes. 


01-surgical scissors

Procedure Time:
30 minutes


Local anaesthesia

Day Surgery

Recovery Time:
5 days


Surgeries often done together with epicanthoplasty for more eyelid enhancement:


  • Stop blood thinning medication as directed by your doctor.
  • Avoid supplements such as fish oils, vitamin E, Ginseng, glucosamine before surgery.
  • Stop smoking to maximise your healing ability.

It is recommended to stop eyelid tapes and glue for a week before surgery.

After epicanthoplasty surgery, your eyelids will feel bruised but it will not be intensely painful. For some patients with dry eyes, their eyes may feel uncomfortable and you will be given eye drops to soothe the eyes.

Abstain from wearing contact lens for 5 to 7 days after surgery because it may exacerbate dry eye symptoms.

  • We advise to start wearing cosmetics 1 week after eyelid surgery.
  • Instead of eye cream or eye gel, apply the ointment provided by the clinic to moisturise the wounds and the eyelids.
  • Cool compress for 3 days.
  • Walk around and avoid lying down to make use of gravity to reduce swelling.
  • Low salt diet.
  • Stop blood thinners and certain supplements as directed by the doctor before surgery.
  • Warm compress from day 4 of surgery.
  • Some patients are prone to obvious bruising. Speak to our doctors on starting bruise lasers to help clear your bruises more promptly.

The cost will depend on the technique used, the condition of your epicanthus and the severity of the problem, such as in revision surgery. Please consult our plastic surgeon for a more accurate cost advice. 

  • All these surgeries will enhance the eyes by increasing the size of the eye aperture. 
  • Epicanthoplasty “opens” up the inner corners of the eyes, effectively lengthening the eyes. Ptosis and eye lift surgeries lift the upper eyelids and widen the eyes by increasing the height of the eye aperture. 

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