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Hybrid Breast Augmentation delivers more than what breast implants or fat grafting can do alone

Hybrid Breast Augmentation

For some patients at Astrid Plastic Surgery, we use both breast implants and fat grafting synergistically, in the form of Hybrid Breast Augmentation (HBA), to achieve the the best breast aesthetics.

There are some conditions that breast implants alone cannot address effectively when it comes to breast augmentation. Fat grafting is used as an adjunct to correct imperfections with the aim to attain a more “perfect” result. Here are some conditions where HBA will help:

Breast Asymmetry

Be it unbalanced breasts, scoliosis, rib asymmetry, or inborn conditions like Poland’s Syndrome, the ability of fat grafting to give precise pinpoint correction makes hybrid breast augmentation an excellent tool for creating more beautiful and symmetrical results.

Chest Differences

Chest differences such as sunken breastbone (pectus excavatum) and pigeon chest (pectus carinatum) can significantly affect the results of breast augmentation. HBA is a useful technique plastic surgeons use to address the difficult chest contours seen in these conditions.

A More Natural Cleavage

A common feature in women is widely-separated breasts. To create a beautiful cleavage in these women,  placing the breast implants towards the middle is not the ideal solution, as the aesthetic proportions of the breasts is not achieved. A better solution is to place fat grafts in the cleavage area, in addition to breast implants to give a closer, deeper and more natural cleavage.

Correcting Scars and Deformities

Breast irregularities and asymmetries are also seen after breast resection surgeries, such as lump removal, and breast infections. Breast filler injections (no longer approved in Singapore) has also given rise to complications such as infection, filler migration and breast distortion, requiring removal and causing scarring. The hybrid breast augmentation technique can work synergistically in these cases to augment the breasts and correct localized defects and scarring.

A More Natural Result

Even in women without any asymmetries, hybrid breast augmentation is particularly suitable for ladies who are very slim but wants a soft natural result. Here, the extra veil of fat grafts placed over the breast implants, can achieve their desired natural result, that implants alone cannot deliver.

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